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About Us

Our Story

NoJabDoc’s was founded in 2022 on the back of the Covid 19 “pandemic” or whatever-it-was. We describe it like this as so much is still uncertain given the massive government, media and other institutions of power injecting their propaganda to control the narrative around it and the ”vaccine”.

The company was founded by Andrew D. Polacek, a decade-long trouble maker who wants to be enemies with all the right people and try to make an income doing so. Mr. Polacek, born to a middle-class family in Kirkwood, MO, was taught to think critically by his parents and grandparents so the royal nonsense around Covid 19 masks, needs for a vaccine, and mandates never made much sense to him. Nor did the tens of thousands or more that the hospitals were killing or the unacceptable false positives coming from faulty tests.

It all smelled like agenda, lack of ethics, and immorality. The corruption and lack of ethics Mr. Polacek saw at the University system, in investment banking, in private equity, and in the technology industry made the pattern recognition easier for him than it may have for some others.

Mr. Polacek hypothesized that the future of healthcare and wellness would be a decentralized one where relationships with providers is based on trust, transparency, and past good judgement. This meant practitioners that blindly or corruptly recommended the Jab were likely not going to be favored in the future by patients.

NoJabDocs is setup to reward those practitioners that did their own research and came to the obvious conclusion or realized their mistake along the way. As we believe in redemption, practitioners who realized they were wrong deserve a consideration as well - but that is ultimately up to the patient, not us. We also allow practitioners who are pro-Covid 19 jab and pro-vaccine as patient choice, even if we disagree, is the ultimate goal.

We aren’t perfect, we never will be, but we come at this from the perspective of adding value through ethics and morality and making money along those lines instead of placing money and profit over people’s lives. That behavior is what terrible people and companies do and no one should want to work with these types - ever

We look forward to working with and adding value to those who share a similar vision of the future of healthcare and wellness.

What We Do

NoJabDocs, through our partners and on our own, provides the following services to patients:

  • Finding a healthcare practitioner that meets their unique needs in their local area.
  • Finding Concierge Medicine providers that meet their unique leads in their local area.
  • Providing healthcare products and that help consumers live a better, healthier life.

How We Make Money

NoJabDocs generates income through:

  • Providing Preferred Placement results for practitioners and products that we personally vet (we make mistakes but we try our best) that get more prominence in search than others for a fee. It is still up to the consumer to decide if Preferred Partners are the best for them.
  • Connecting consumers to pratictioners that match their unique needs in exchange for a lead generation fee from the practitioner.
  • Connecting consumers to Concierge Medicine providers for a lead generation fee.
  • Providing wellness products for sale at a profit.
  • Advertising on our site of vetted service and product providers.
  • Other promotional activies that we believe to be ethical and moral.