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Concierge Medicine Connect Program

The NoJabDocs Concierge Medicine Connect Program allows Concierge Medicine practitioners (also called or Direct Primary Care or Boutique Medicine) that go through an extra layer of vetting by NoJabDocs to receive preferrential positioning in search results in NoJabDoc’s Concierge Medicine Connect. Concirege Medicine Connect is a product that connects patients interested in Concierge Medicine to a provider in their area that best matches their needs based on their answers to key questions. Unqualfied leads are provided to partners in the program for a fixed monthly fee so as to be compliant with all healthcare privacy laws. While unqualified, the leads are filtered to match the provider’s practice with a user’s preferences.

For practitioners looking to get more exposure from prospective patients looking for Concierge Medicine providers in their area, this program could be right for your practice.

To be a part of the Concierge Medicine Connect Program, NoJabDocs conducts short interviews with practitioners to understand their history, experience, history with the vaccines, and their adherence to the Hippocratic Oath.

If you are interested in being contacted regarding this program, please go to the Settings & Setup page to apply or create a Provider page by clicking Add Me to NoJabDocs.