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Concierge Medicine Connector

The Concierge Medicine Connector helps prospective patients interested in finding a Concierge Medicine or Direct Primary Care provider in their area find a provider that meets their unique needs.

What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge Medicine, also referred to as Direct Primary Care or Boutique Medicine, is a more dedicated physician/patient relationship where a physician may limit their patient number to a certain fixed amount, pays a much greater degree of attention to each patient, and is focused a lot more on preventative care. To allow the physician to make this business model work, each patient pays an out-of-pocket fixed fee to ensure the highest quality of service and allow the physician to make it all work economically. Some Concierge Medicine physicians may require a relatively small setup or starting fee to join their program.

Why Concierge Medicine?

The majority of the modern healthcare system and model is based on getting as many patients in the door, seen as quickly as possible, and given a solution as quickly as possible. This system ends up not being good for the patient or the physician. The patient does not get the nuanced, detailed care they need with an emphasis on preventative care and the physician is overworked and not at the top of their game in delivering quality healthcare to patients. Concierge Medicine takes a realistic approach to solve this problem for the physician and the patient.

What are the costs of Concierge Medicine?

Concierge Medicine costs vary by physician or practice. They can be as low as $50 a month and be in the hundreds a month depending on the level of service and benefits provided in a Concierge Medicine package.

How can I find a Concierge Medicine provider that is right for me?

No Jab Docs can assist you in finding a Concierge Medicine provider via our Concierge Medicine Connector service. This service is FREE for all prospective patients.

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