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NoJabDocs takes allegations against healthcare providers seriously as trust in who is providing a patient their healthcare is of the utmost importance, especially considering the legitimate trust issues that developed as a result of the deception, self serving motives, and stubbornness of so many providers who did not follow their Hippocratic Oath during the pandemic.

We encourage those with knowledge and PROOF of any healthcare providers on our platform who are not accurately disclosing their true history with the Covid 19 Jab recommendations or any other ethical issues to report them through the below form.

NoJabDocs will conduct a thorough investigation and respond to all legitimate inquires. We do require some verifiable proof to begin an inquiry, which could include lawsuit awards, criminal convictions, multiple witnesses to an accusation, or other evidence that the would be deemed as legitimate by any independent, rational party acting in good faith. If you do provide any personal medical information, we will not disclose this to any others unless as ordered to do so in a court of law BUT you are giving NoJabDocs and its employees and representatives a right to view these documents that you willing shared with us. Under no circumstances will NoJabDocs be liable for any HIPAA violations as a result of your decision to choose to send us information that reveals anything protected by HIPPA, however we will keep all information confidential.

It is important to provide as much evidence and from documents and witnesses as possible.

Please do not report rumors, suspicions, or providers based on your personal dislike of them, any mistake they may have made, or disagreements with their practice that are not related to ethics around the Covid 19 Jab or other medical ethics. These issues are best handled elsewhere. Users of NoJabDocs can always write a Testimonial to share their negative story in lieu of filing a Report on a Healthcare Provider on our site.

If NoJabDocs determines based on evidence provided and our research that a provider has been dishonest about their practice in anyway, we will remove their page from our site and not work with them going forward.

Note: We do not spend time and resources investigating Providers that do not have Profile pages on

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